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    The lifestyle you want, doing what you love.

  • What We Do

    Lifestyle & business design

    We are location independent entrepreneurs, living in a constant state of travel and movement, exploring the world while running our own businesses, and helping people to develop their own. We love the autonomy and freedom, the chance to choose what to work on and when. You told us, “We want to live like you do.” So we asked how we can help you.

    StepUpLabs.co is the result. A holistic approach to lifestyle and business design, grounded in practical development and mentorship.

    We are your tool box; a team of entrepreneurs ready to help, mentor, and collaborate with you to achieve your goals. There is no ready made solution: we walk with you, we design with you, we grow with you.

    Location independent entrepreneurs know that their choices create their lives, and they are selective. More than developing your business, it is about evolving to reach your better self.

    We have walked the path ourselves, and now we want to help and guide you.

    A time of transformation


    The global economy is transforming. Automatisation, robotisation, and artificial intelligence will replace a LOT of jobs, with estimates as high as 50%. We are experiencing a shift from static employment that lasted a lifetime, to dynamic project work where people come together around a need. It is a network model where people create, produce, consume, and use in a free flowing exchange between each other. This is an exciting time, but also an unstable one. We have never had less security, but at the same time, we have never had so many opportunities in front of us. How will you make a living? If you shift to entrepreneurship now, you can surf the wave of the innovation opportunities and create the lifestyle you want.

    We help you to create a life you love

    You can choose what problems you want to solve in the world. Everyone has something they can do well, that comes easily for them, and we help you identify that skill and design your life around it. Together, we find the best application of what you do to the market needs of today. Your work creates value, you fulfil needs and solve problems, and you thrive in your own business. When you do valuable work for someone and they say, “Wow! I wish I’d found you earlier!”, the feeling is indescribable.

    Your lifestyle is empowering and aligns you with your own value system, the things you find important. Value is exchanged between you and your customers and the relationship goes both ways; we learn from each other. Work becomes a collaboration where everyone is invested in each other’s growth. You feel useful, changed, valuable, needed, relevant. And most of all, you’ll feel happy! Because these are what happiness is made from.

    If you work long hours, it is because you decide to do that, and on your own terms. No one else is telling you what to do or where you have to be; you can travel at will and set your own meetings, empowered and in control of how you spend your time.

    Our business is a reflection of who we are, our values, but it does not define us. It’s about having a life that is so relevant, satisfying, and on point, that you wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money in the world. This kind of life can also support you and keep you financially healthy – even abundant. Secure enough that you never have to think about money, it’s not a worry, it’s there when you need it and for all the things you want it for.

    You are the best investment you will ever make

    You could do all this by yourself. All the knowledge is out there, books, internet, research. But it will take your TIME and ENERGY and MONEY to research and study everything. You can optimise this process. Let us help you navigate the waters.

    We are a hack, a shortcut, we have done the studying for you and can guide you into those strategies. We optimise the Energy/Time/Money triangle – knowing that if you reach out for mentorship you can speed things up.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for support. This is the key difference between SPENDING, and INVESTING. What is more important to you: your time, or the amount of money in your bank account?

    We already know the traps and mistakes of getting started, because we have done it. We know the usual stumbles and have done the slow and challenging version, learning alone, not seeking out people who had already been through it and learning from their experience. It was the painful way, and we learned a lot, so we are uniquely positioned to understand that there are better approaches. When we look back, the one thing we would change is reaching out for mentorship earlier. We wish we’d had a guide, and that’s why we created StepUpLabs.co. Get help!

    Working with us will get you there so much faster. The return on investment is not just money, but the peace of mind, the support, and the ease that you gain by doing this WITH us. If you have a question, you have someone you can ask. You are not alone.

  • Who We Are

    Elena Carlotta Manavis

    Elena is practical and logistical, she can see a thousand steps ahead and solve problems before you even knew they might exist. She can step in as temporary CEO as easily as she can strategise how to diversify your income streams and systemise your business communications. Nothing vague, nothing abstract, just powerful and practical guidance to get you where you need to be. Real, concrete, actionable, an actual plan with clear steps that we will take alongside you. Elena is direct, clear, strong, and passionate. A dynamic leader who can see what you can’t, and find solutions to problems before they happen.

    Joachim Brackx

    Joachim is a born mentor, focussing on high level development. He can help you find your sense of purpose, your search for meaning. It is about stepping back and seeing the bigger picture, asking key questions that begin to locate you as a meaningful contributor in the changing world, and how that might fulfil you. The process is less concrete, less practical, but more philosophical and state-of-mind restructuring. He helps you examine how you relate to yourself, how to get past your mind blocks and limiting beliefs. You will find new ideas and, even better, renewed strength, power, inspiration, and energy.